Friday, November 20, 2009

When the gig is over....

A post after a long time, and my first experience of blogging from the college computer centre, which sucks.
Anyways, so many things happened since I last blogged. I had my first hospital experience, which sucked, too. An ICU is a very queer place, and is queer in a very bad way. When you are strapped with about thirteen wires of ECG, respiration measurer, pulse rate, heart rate, blood pressure measuring devices which run around your chest and arms, and you want to scratch your butt, well, that ain't gonna happen. And the continuos beep-beep sound of the machines is all that you hear, in my case, for four days. Your life becomes an ICU. Your life becomes a succession of beeps.
I recovered and after a few days came back to my college. Two things which affect the life of every BITSGian awaited me- Waves and test 2( in the latter case, afflict.). This time Waves was more tiring than fun, you know. Infact I had more fun in the pre-waves week than in Waves itself. Had an amazing time right before Waves though. Painted after a month or so, and that felt real good, courtesy the new improved Kala room with a wifi and an A/C, the easel and the free live music provided by the music club. Had an unforgettable trip to Panjim, which consisted of visiting my two favourite shops in the world- Furtado's music shop and the Art shoppee. I played a mexican handmade acoustic guitar worth 35 grand, which was kickass. And Art shoppee is always a bliss to visit. And I got myself sanguine and bistre( they are colours. Sound so amazing don't they.). And I had food at Daily Bread, courtesy Sammy which, again, was kickass.
I will never forget the running around I did for the inaug performance and nearly everything else. We were so damn stressed that a couple of nights before Waves, 3am, Sammy and I endedup laughing our heads out rolling on the floor for no reason as if we were high.
The actual Waves was hectic. I could not watch any events except a couple. I didn't go to the DJ nite, I never do. KK was good. And I missed Parikrama, because I was so tired on the last day that I ended up sleeping at 9.30. The exhibition we'd organised was a hit though.
And then there was Test2. Though I dont want to write about it. It came and it went away.
I don't know if they actually mean it, but the brochures proclaimed that in Waves, the 'winter was never this hot', and it being an amazing culfest and shit like that. I don't know about any of that. What I know is that Waves was a realisation of responsibility. It was a realisation of reality too, stark reality.
I have this queer way of judging how good a programme was. You know, when you experience something truly good- a mindblowing performance, an awesome concert, your mind goes into a high. You forget the reality. Your life becomes the performance. It happened to me while watching Hariprasad Chaurasia and Birju Maharaj, what the heck, even when I saw the Pink Floyd Pulse concert on my laptop, I got 'the high'. And then when the gig ends, you slowly come back on the ground. You suddenly start remembering your problems. Your crappy CGPA, your personal problems, the underlying lack of direction in your whole life. Now the more time it takes for you to 'come back to ground' the better the gig was.
I am still high on the Waves experience...

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