Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...burning room.

Overtly chewed up, stretched to the limit; just not quite.
Am just, tired tonight.
Spasms of mirth, punctuating the blue blue monotonicity of life.
And the relentless chase to bring them back in sight.
Am just tired tonight.
Tired of it all. I feel...incompetent. Bored, more so.
What can I say, classic me.
Bored of hope; that son of a bitch.
And wave after cold wave crashed at my feet.
As I asked, is it still complicated?
And she smiled and she said, it always is.
And she smiled, she smiled when she said that.
So, tonight, I am bored of complicated.
Maybe tomorrow, we ll see.
But tonight...
Am just.. tired tonight.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

City don't cry

I love going to the city. Its a small city. More of a town. Cozy. Like a grandmother.
I love that about it.
Even the road towards the city is beautiful. A prelude.
I ride. With my instincts, more than a sense of direction. And yet, I am so confident.
The front brakes don't work. But who wants to use them anyway?
I ride.
I race against the wind. I race against my pain.
I ride.
I always win. And the city is my reward.
A walk by the river. Fleeting thoughts. Of what should have. Of what could have.
Butterflies and zebras and Moonbeams...
She's known me for a while now, the city. Knows my pain too.
What can she do? She has her own to tend to.
She offers respite. I scramble for it.
But mostly, she just makes me feel at home. I can stand next to her river and watch the sun set for ever. And then stay more. To watch the city lights reflect in the waters.
I think she likes me for that.

And then the time comes to go back. I have to. No, I haven't won her over yet.
I would go back and play away her blues. But I am not good enough.
One day I will call her my mine. No. One day, she will call me her own.

What is our purpose in life?
Our purpose in life is to find a home.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Oh am so cool! I got writer's block!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can you stand the silence?

What will we do when there is nothing left to talk about?

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