Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The young man and the sea.

When I die, I want my body to be unceremoniously tossed into the Bogmalo sea. Don't forget to pour in a drink for me. And if you can, play Floyd while doing so. Shine on.., if you think I am worthy of it. Its a noble quest, isn't it? Trying to be worthy of a song. Its like trying to return a favour.

Toss me in the sea at twilight. When the sun and the moon both loom up in the sky as the menial lights of the earth witness the change of guard. And their reflections shimmer across the length of her waters and dissolve into oblivion. That is, the ultimate goal, isn't it?

For this is where and when I have been at peace. Among the jutted purple moss layered rocks with a lost lonely crab trying to scuttle back home. With a drink. A friend. Or both.

And there is a small shrine right beside, a stone crucifix more so. Laden with stale flowers which smell of stale hope. The water laps up at your feet like your favourite dog looking for a caress. The distant lights of your favourite shack shimmer homecoming. And Van Gogh paints everything in front of your eyes.

I will never live again like I have lived in those moments. I will never love again the way I have loved here. Now alienated from everywhere I used to belong, I wonder if I am worthy enough to call this place home.

When I die, toss me unceremoniously into the Bogmalo sea. Then, forget about me,just like you forget about the sad demise of a friendship.

Forget about me.

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