Thursday, February 26, 2009

VSD sketch

This is the sketch I made for Virtual Sketch Date. Its done with a black pilot pen on paper, with a bit of charcoal as a highlight in the end. Most of the sketch( except the parts with trees and bushes) has been done with straight lines. Had a lot of fun while making it. I'm sketching a lot these days, not just because I love to, but also because the cultural festival of my college-BITS Pilani Goa Campus, called WAVES Summer '09 is round the corner. The fine arts club of the campus, Kala is getting ready to give a beautiful performance. And we all are working really hard for it. So, nowadays, a typical day( and night) for me consists of nothing but sketching, painting and guitaring. And you know what, I love this life! Check out the other paintings, which, by the way, are awesome, and the original photograph by Debbie Later at

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