Sunday, August 15, 2010

City don't cry

I love going to the city. Its a small city. More of a town. Cozy. Like a grandmother.
I love that about it.
Even the road towards the city is beautiful. A prelude.
I ride. With my instincts, more than a sense of direction. And yet, I am so confident.
The front brakes don't work. But who wants to use them anyway?
I ride.
I race against the wind. I race against my pain.
I ride.
I always win. And the city is my reward.
A walk by the river. Fleeting thoughts. Of what should have. Of what could have.
Butterflies and zebras and Moonbeams...
She's known me for a while now, the city. Knows my pain too.
What can she do? She has her own to tend to.
She offers respite. I scramble for it.
But mostly, she just makes me feel at home. I can stand next to her river and watch the sun set for ever. And then stay more. To watch the city lights reflect in the waters.
I think she likes me for that.

And then the time comes to go back. I have to. No, I haven't won her over yet.
I would go back and play away her blues. But I am not good enough.
One day I will call her my mine. No. One day, she will call me her own.

What is our purpose in life?
Our purpose in life is to find a home.

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