Thursday, February 3, 2011

My guitar's been drinking. Not me.

Drunken promises to the drunken night.
Drunken ecstasy. Drunken fright.
I haven't had much. Just a little bit.
I only drank my home. I only drank my life.

Afraid for you. Afraid for me.
I drink some for my pain.
And some for the sea.
But you know, this is not who I am, right.

I chug my cowardice.
I gulp my fears.
On the rocks. The way you taught me to.
And deep inside I raise my glass to you. Everytime.
Deep inside it doesn't help. Everytime.

Drunken promises to the drunken night.
Keep talking, will you? Ease the fright.
I am sorry. A drunken mistake.
But tonight. I am sober tonight.

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