Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday night blues

The time is foul, my friends. Exams are approaching, leading to the addition of introducion to electrodynamics by Griffiths and introduction to probability and statistics by, who cares( why the hell do they call them introductions?) on the table, along with the new box of watercolours I am itching to try out, and I am listening to the blues! I got the blues, or did the blues get me?Seriously, I've been listening to a lot of blues lately. Ray Charles, with his ultimate 'I got a womaaan!!!' and the beautiful 'For mamma' and the amazing B.B. King with his equally amazing guitar Lucille!( You know, it just feels right when in the middle of a song, he calls out, 'Sing, Lucille!' and goes into a beautiful riff.) and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton! Thats all I've been listening to, you know. The King said that he played the blues because they helped him pay the dues. And you know what, when you are listening to the blues, as the beat progresses, and it weirdly sounds slow and fast at the same time, and as Lucille gently weeps, you do feel the blues. Imagine after a long hard horrible day, you come home disturbed and depressed, and the person that you love holds you and tells you to let it out, now imagine you are alone, and you don't have a loved one, you pick up your guitar and sit in the dark, you've got the blues.
The music doesn't make you happy. You know, there is some music which changes your mood, makes you happy; no, blues don't do that. The Blues ain't makin you happy. The Blues make you comfortable with your sadness.
Practically every successsful piece of music in the sixties had the blues. They took 'em, churned them around a bit, rocked them, rolled them, jazzed them, sometimes grunged them to a headbanging intensity. But they had the blues.
You know, this is the third post I writing about the blues. Previous two got deleted when the internet suddenly got disconnected (Oh, I was damn pissed off. You write something with your whole heart, trust the blogger autosave and guess what, poof! it all vanishes into thin air. And thats not all; you do that twice.). I was very dissatisfied with the first one, more so with the second one, and I can't believe that I am going to publish this in the end. But I need to wrap it up before I can't resist giving it proper justice. There will be more posts on the blues, but now as I said, the time is foul. Anyway, Divesh got this fine idea of starting a kala blog. Kala is the fine arts club of BITS Goa. We are a group dedicated towards encouragement of fine arts on campus. We have amongst us some very talented artists, cartoonists, origamists( I hope this is a word.), photoshop artists, and most importantly a very dedicated bunch of people. So please check out the blog( for updates of events we organise and works of all members.
Now, I have the whole night ahead of me with joint distribution of random (discrete and continuous) density variables, an empty stomach and joint distribution of random(discrete and continuous) density variables. No wonder I've got the blues.....

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  1. hey can't really comment on the music part, but yeah even I like blues at times..

    and we need to post something on the kala blog before ppl start clickin on the link u posted.

    all the best wid probability and dirac delta function


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