Friday, March 27, 2009

Some old sketches

A couple of my old sketches. The first one is a sketch of the famous Easter island statues. The medium used for it is quite different and interesting. The medium is called inksketching, in which you use a pilot or ink pen to sketch and then use water to smudge it with a brush. It gives some really cool effects- like the effect of rocks that can be achieved here looks beautiful.
The second sketch is of Lord Ganesh, which is done in black oil pastel and charcoal on paper. Tell me how both the sketches are.
Exams going on and I have my physics paper tomorrow in the morning and prob stats in the afternoon. I have two guitars in my room and my new watercolours are still unused which is completely bumming me out. I'm planning to go to Panjim for a sketching trip after the exams. Its a really beautiful city and I'm craving to sketch it.
Wish me luck for my exams!


  1. Ganpati lai bhaari aahe
    (I'm taking a shot at you being Marathi)
    Oh, also, damn PnS to hell...

  2. Yup, I'm marathi. Are you?
    And yeah- damn PnS to hell! rot with chemistry, CP and linear algebra!! cheers!
    Saw your blog. Really interesting.

  3. All the best for your exams, and do try out some of the relaxation music CDs we have.


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