Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of guitars and pencils!!

This is my latest sketch. Did this at three in the morning yesterday, after watching Shawshank Redemption. What a movie!! What a movie!!! Too good!!! Tim Robbins has done a superb job as this calm, composed guy, someone who makes his own destiny-builds it up, piece by piece with utmost patience. And Morgan Freeman's performance is absolutely breathtaking. Even his voiceover in the complete movie, as he narrates the whole incident is so stirring. Some scenes were absolutely wonderful. Hats off to the director. For example, in a scene where Red( Morgan Freeman) finishes his sentence after about fifty years in Shawshank prison, he starts working in a supermarket. One day, while wrapping groceries in paperbags, he looks up to his manager and says, "Restroom break, boss?" The manager calls him over. Red walks up to him. Even the way he walks- humble, slow, awkward- a servant' walk. His demaneor is so modest that you seriously can't believe that this is the same guy who has played the imposing and commanding Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight. So, the manager says "You don't have to ask me every time you need to go take a piss. Just go, understand?" Freeman gives an awkward nod and shuffles off. The camera lingers for a moment on the amused face of the manager. And then Freeman's deep voice narrates- Forty years I've been asking permission to take a piss. I can't squeeze a drop without saying so.
So, please watch Shawshank redemption. Its a really beautiful movie and I bet you'll thoroughly enjoy it.
Anyways, I went a bit off track here. So, the sketch- As I've told you before, I've got two guitars at my place now, so after watching the movie when I was remotely sleepy, I decided to sketch both of them. I was a bit confused on what medium to use. I was thinking about oil pastel or watercolour or inksketching, maybe. I settled on graphite beecause its been a long time since I've done a pure pencil sketch. I 've got this other idea to do a mixed medium sketch of the same thing, maybe more symbolic. Hopefully I'll put it on paper soon enough. The guitar on top is mine and the other one is Akhil's. Exams are over, which is the reason I am at the liberty to stay up at two at night blogging, watching Friends and listening to an awesome Hendrix song called Little Wing. Its one of my Hendrix favourites. Do listen to it. Thinking of sleeping, I've got workshop pracs at nine( LOL who am I kidding? Won't be able to sleep till four, atleast.) Ah, here comes my favourite riff!
.....When I'm sad, she comes to me,
with a thousand smiles, She gives to me free
Its all right, she says, Its all right
Take anything you want from me, anything!
Fly on little wing.......

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  1. nice sketch...

    SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION....absolutely unparalleled cinema...breathtaking..It tops my list of favorites..
    Now if u liked it, watch pursuit of happyness, if u haven't you will like it too...Not as good as this one but you will love it.


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