Wednesday, April 8, 2009

self portrait!

Thats me! And I'm playing Hotel California. What a song! Especially the Hell freezes over version is like one of the most awsome songs ever made. The slow beat of the bongos, the masterful guitar solos of Don Felder and Joe Walsh( I love that part when he plays the two chords by pulling on all the strings with two fingers!) and the raw, rusty voice of Don Henley on the lead vocals! the song's an absolute masterpiece!
Anyway, I don't want to start off on Hotel C now. I want to write a separate post about it. So. the above sketch is done with charcoal and is a self portrait. Tell me how it is.
I had gone to a trip to a nearby fort today with a few friends. I'd taken my sketchbook with me, but couldn't sketch the view because some of the guys comissioned me to make their portraits instead. So most of my time up there was spent doing portait after portrait with a black pilot pen. It was a nice practice. Can't post the sketches though, cause I gave them to the guys and forgot to take snaps. Sometime later, maybe. Well, I'm completely exhausted today. Had really long and great day( More about that later.) and today might be one of those times when I actually would sleep before three.
Yup, I'm sleepy. I seem to have gotten a temporary typing dyslexia, becuae I am tpying likthis wihtut correctoins! So I'd better nod off.


  1. So I guessed it right after all :-))

    I kinda knew it from the way the character in this sketch was seated!

    I can't get enough of listening to this masterpiece! And hey, I'm thrilled to find another Pink Floyd fan!

  2. Yup, Pink Floyd is awesome. And yeah, 'Wish you were here' is one of my favorite Floyd songs- along with Shine on..., Coming back to life, High Hopes( loved the video for this!), comfortably numb and a lot more!

  3. Hi Kaushal, very nice self-portrait. Keep up the good work!


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