Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet home Alabama!

Long time since I've written anything. The compres( comprehensive exams- highest graded exams in a semester at BITS) are upon us, which has led me to give away my laptop power cord to a friend so that I would'nt waste time messing around on it. But then I got really bored and took it back for a while just so that the blog would'nt be completely lonely. Everything else except studies is on hold. No sketching, painting- though I did a huge charcoal sketch of the campus with Sammy for Kala; it was our gift to the passing out batch- they had their farewell a couple of days ago. I'll put up a pic as soon as I get one. A bit of guitaring here and there, thats about it. I can't wait for the exams to end. And I really want to go home now. Every night, as I cook Maggi or munch on some crappy biscuits, the sheer thought of my mom's food haunts me. I can't stand the sight of the mess plates with their dozens of compartments and weird smell. I dunno how many ideas I've killed in the past few days. Seriously- I had some really awesome( why have I started to think that this is the only adjective today's generation knows?) ideas to write and sketch. But I had to stifle them because I need to study, atlest for the next fifteen twenty days. I hereby take a solemn oath that I will spend my summer holidays doing nothing but sketching, painting, guitaring, writing, playing cricket and most importantly- eating; in short basking in the glory of pure awesomeness and nothing else.
Yeah I miss home. Love that song- sweet home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd. They're one of my all time favourite bands and this song is one of my all time favourite songs. Nice lyrics- especially the take on Neil Young- another one of my favourite performers, is incredible. Beautiful music; the last time I went home, after the first sem here at BITS, I had this song playing all night in the journey. It touched chords- Its really wonderful when some song, some music, or for that matter any art as such- a painting, a poem, a story brings exact same emotions you are feeling at that time- its like a resonance, and that is the real purpose of art- to emote. To emote as gracefully as possible. A two line poem can say things where a huge book is insufficient. And a photograph has a touching story locked inside it. It is one of the most wonderful feelings to actually experience it all.
Anyways, I think I should get back to studying now. I'm trying to do organic chemistry- E1 and E2 reactions. Won't write for a while now, but when I will, I have some pretty cool ideas to follow up. Exams are right in front- rearing up for an attack. So, good men, see you at the other end- if I survive! ;))

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