Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am at my wit's end. All my resolve and determination to do something, well, worth mentioning in this summer is melting like ice in this dreadful heat. ( I call it dreadful, but I am usually the one who calls the guys for a game of cricket at two in the blazing temperature.) Thats one thing which is going well in all the fiasco. For cricket has this amazing ability to make you forget all your insecurities when you are on the ground. The whole world waits and watches the ball that grows bigger and bigger as it falls off the sky striking perfect unsion with your Adam's apple which falls into the pit of your stomach. And after a tiring game comes the time for Goti Soda. Of all the drinks that are drunk in this world, Goti Soda might just be the most worthwhile drink of all. At just five rupees you get the most refreshing glass of fresh soda with a flavour of your choice. It is a bliss. And you can have it again and again because it is so cheap.
Anyways, apart from that and maybe guitaring, nothing is going to well. All I am doing nowadays is stay up online in search of some inspiration and typing cheap profile headers like 'Kaushal is deeply plotting to kill the elusive fly that keeps buzzing on his laptop screen without damaging the display' on my facebook account. After coming here I have done only one painting which I am proud enough to upload online-

This is David Gilmour- Lead guitarist and vocalist of Pink Floyd. The sketch is done in mixed media- oil pastels, watercolours and a bit of pen here and there. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the two main media- oil and water, which behave unusually with each other. This was originally done for the theme which I was talking about in my previous post- writeups on music accompanied with sketches. But the idea is either too difficult to materialise or I am a dim witted mutant monkey. Though I wrote in my previous post that I would start the series with Rock, I later realised while thinking that Blues and maybe Country music would be sensible before Rock because its roots are based there. My notebooks are filled with flowcharts and notes about the subject but what is lacking is that one stroke of inspiration by which I will get some fluidity in my writing. I don't want the writeups to look like Wikipedia articles. The aim of the series is to look at various genres of music through the point of view of a common listener and a hardcore fan. But I don't want them to be like- 'Duhuude! Pink Floyd is just awesome dude! Its just ... awesome!!'. And that balance between light conversational writing and a deep understanding of the subject, its history and overall social impact, is what I seek. Desparately.
So, I'm stalled as of now. And I know why. There are too many things going around. College exams are over but they didn't go quite well, and I am shit scared what I will get in the CGPA card, which, by the way is one its way home throught the post and will reach, well, anytime. And then there are a few other problems- A few personal; a few too personal, if you get my drift. But I am hoping like hell that things will be better in the near future. And they better be. They better be.....

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  1. Hi Kaushal... I like your painting of David Gilmore. I'll be your common listener. Give me your best ten words that describe Pink Floyd. Thanks for commenting on my painting. After I painted it, someone asked me how I felt about painting it, so I wrote those words. They don't sound so "good" to me, but thanks. :)


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