Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer of '09

In three hours, I am going to board a train which will take me home ( Yieee!!). I have a long vacation of two and a half months, which ( I hope.) will be sufficient for all the retrospection, introspection and self seeking, etc., etc. I am supposed to do in that time( whatever...). Supposedly, I have to take some life changing and awesomely ( am I using this word a lot? like, a LOT?) important descisions during this time ( a bigger whatever. Believe me, a lot bigger). All I can think about right now, is that after about sixteen hours, I am going to be sitting in the kitchen at my home, eating, I don't know what, but definitely something delicious. ( Yeah, this and maybe about the three bedbugs which I can see from the corner of my eye, apparently racing to reach the top of the window sill from the table- thats all there is in my mind right now.)
Ohkay, to be serious. The thing is, I am supposed to do a lot of introspsection, retrospection and all the other things mentioned above in the holidays. It is really really important for me. For my life, my career and just about everything I can think of about me. It is gonna be a long, and hopefully fulfilling summer.
But it is not all going to be so serious though. Its going to be packed with sketches and paintings and guitars and more importantly, friends and family. I'll meet my best friends after a long while, so I think it will be quite a reunion- whiling away the time as we watch the sun set with a chicken cheese roll and iced tea in our hands and swapping stories of what all we did this semester. ( Yeah its gonna be grand.)
They are calling it the ' summer of 'o9 '. I know it is a cliche and all that, but that doesn't make me stop hoping that this summer would do something, well, nice ( I'm not hoping for much.).

By the way, Lord of the Rings is without any doubt the best and the most awesomest book and trilogy of movies I will ever hope to see.


The supremely untrustworthy BITS net failed me once again as I was typing the above post in my empty room ( everything was packed and closeted.) while the others sat outside making jokes about me, who they thought was apparently chatting with 'someone'. (That is like the limit of imagination of us people. I might as well could be programming a droid which looks like Hobbes and which can destroy all life in the radius of the Kuiper belt.....). Anyways, so I couldn't post it that day. But, now that I am in Nashik, and I have overcome the 'jetlagged' feeling which I was having because of the sudden change in my schedule ( no staying up at three at night and cooking maggi.), and I am back in business! Well I did meet my best friend. Infact, in about a couple of hours I am going at his place with my guitar and we'll be doing some nice jamming there. He's a keyboardist, and a very good one too. And I did have the iced tea and the rolls, and it was divine.
I have some nice stuff planned for the summer. And it combines three of my countless passions- music, art and writing. I am thinking of writing about various genres of music and accompanying the posts with a painting or a sketch related to it. And I want to start with a bang, so my first post on that string will most probably be on Rock(!!!!).

And here I state again, for I cannot underline how essentially true and important this statement is-
Lord of the Rings is without any( and by any, I mean any(stressed as much as is humanely possible)) doubt, the best and most awesomest book and trilogy of movies I will ever hope to see in my deepest dreams.

I was just reading the above draft, and I think I have used the word 'and' in an unnaturally large amount in the post, have I?

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