Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pink Floyd and poems

A fellow blogger asked me to describe Pink Floyd in ten words. I did not realise how difficult the task was until I actually started thinking about it. stayed up the whole night thinking. And the next two days too. Its so natural to like something. Like a reflex action. But its really difficult to give a reason why you like something. I like Pink Floyd because...well, you just like something. I love the philosophy their songs possess. I love Gilmour's blues inspired riffs, and Wright's jazzy piano, and Water's lyrics. And I love it when all this come together. And the mystery of all of it...
But this is how I would describe them. A lot more than ten words, but I hope thats understandable. This is not at all the best of my attempts. I dont know if this can qualify the barrier for being a poem, too. Its just four lines which rhyme, incidentally, maybe. Here goes-
Songs of wonder, songs of pain
Songs of unsung martyrs insane
Songs untarnished in time remain
They take you down that memory lane....
By the way, this is my first attempt ever to write poetry (if you can call it that; but please do, just for the heck of it. Feels good :P). I thought a lot about their songs- they have some recurring themes. Themes like war, absence, madness, anarchy- most of which have the common feature- the pain. The psychedelic Pink Floyd takes you to a journey full of wonder around the universe with songs like 'astronomy domine', 'interstellar overdrive' and 'let there be more light' ( most credits to Barrett.). And Barrett himself remains the legend who was taken away by insanity, and a recurring theme in their songs. And there is no doubt that they were miles ahead of their time in terms of their musical ideas and experimentation.
This is how I would describe Pink Floyd, well, as concisely that is possible for me, atleast as of now. Whaddaya think?

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  1. Hi Kaushal... You must have thought I was ignoring you! I just saw your comment tonight. I guess I had opted to moderate my comments and I just saw a message that said you had left me one. Sorry. (I changed that setting now.) Anyway.... I love this post about Pink Floyd. And I like your first poem too! I hope you are happy with it all.


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